The island way

Our brewery embodies the relaxed, adventurous, and energy of Waiheke Island. Connecting with the island's unique flavours and capturing the essence of island life from the land to the sea.

It's the island way.

Our Story

Since 2017 we've celebrated our connection with whenua me te moana "land and sea". It's in our name, Waiheke "the long sheltered island".

Our brewery symbolises our deep respect for the pristine environment for which we call home.

We sustainably brew unique, sessionable beers that bring people together. Made right here on the island with local ingredients and a passion for doing things right.

Enjoy a drop of island life with us.

The perfect session lager

Made using pure sparkling water from the island, natural yeast and all-grain malt, Heke has a fresh, rounded palate and a crisp finish. It’s refreshing, but not too light and a little bit hoppy to keep it interesting.


Heke can be found in the most discerning liquor stores and on-tap in the best bars and restaurants on Waiheke Island.

And of course on the ferry ride to-and-from the island.

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